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Since 2010, we have been leading the way in blending human and machine intelligence to increase speed, reduce complexity and cost in translation

Inefficient Processes
Increase your Speed to Market by using a blend of machine & human intelligence and a customisable stack of localization solutions
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Escalating Costs
Continuously improve your translation speed and cut down on need for project managers through a global data-driven approach
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Tight Deadlines
Go faster with seamless project management and a streamlined validation process using cutting edge tech and automated workflows
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Ai-Powered RAY
AI Powered Language Services
Straker provides next generation language services supported by a state of the art technology stack and robust AI layers to clients around the world. By combining the latest available technologies with linguistic expertise, Straker’s solutions are scalable, cost-effective and accurate. Through technical innovation and data analytics, Straker is a proven partner in future-proofing global communications.
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Gianluca Savenije

Localization Expert
North American Market